Friday, July 24, 2009

June Lake 09

Katie and I once again headed north to June Lake for a week of camping and relaxing with the Kaesers. This first picture was taken just outside of Bishop where apparently there were 27 fires burning in the Sierras due to lightning strikes. Crazy.

Got to camp and started setting up. Mike is the one you want to have with you anytime you go camping. He has everything from knot tying skills to carports purchased at Costco to provide shade and a nice dining room for dinner. Setting up went great and below you will see Katie and I's tent. The one thing I love about being up there is the peacefulness and sheer beauty of the Sierras.

What I will not have pictures of is the one night in which we had quite the wind storm accompanied by short but strong rain storms. Our little tent held up well through the night and we didn't get one drop of water in our tent!

One of the hundred or so pictures that we have like this.

We decided to go on a short hike/arrowhead hunt at the base of Walker Pass, just up the road from the campground on the second day. We tested out my new toy that Mike gave me and headed out on a hike off the trail through the bushes and trees. (We all have the scratches on our shins to show for all the off the trail hiking we did. Max and I got to sit together and enjoyed each others company on the ride over to the trailhead.

Had to cross over a river on a fallen tree. Max crossed like a champion.

This was taken as I was tracking us back to the fallen tree. If you look in the distance and see the open spot in the forest, yea, we went there. I think the hike was about 3 miles or so, not too tough, but very beautiful and full of adventure. Unfortunately no one found any arrowheads.

Max found the river, walked right in and laid down in the stream, didn't realize that it has a pretty strong current and started to slide down the stream. All was ok, but quite entertaining.

The ride home, both Max and I got a little nap.

Fast forward to Wednesday, We took a short trip down the Rock Creek, I highly recommend this hike. It has amazing views, and at least four lakes on the trail. I wont try to explain it, just go for yourself, or enjoy the next couple pictures sans commentary.

Max and I were buddies on this trip, I was trying to teach him some manners because every time a dog walks by us on the trail, he went nuts. This hike was about 5 miles roundtrip, next time we go up there I want to find out what is past this lake that is in the background.
Good times were had by all!

Told you there were a lot of these.

This is a video I took on the hike in Rock Creek, the video doesn't do the actual scenery justice.

That's it till next time.


  1. i already posted a comment on this!?! where did it go?!? thats not cool. anyhow, i was saying that since you and scott seem to share a love for camping and the outdoors, and since we share an anniversary, one of these days the 4 of us will have to go camping! loved the post and all the pics, especially of you and max napping. that dog is so cute. love you!!!

  2. Oh my gosh...that is such beautiful scenery! I bet the hiking is amazing?!?! I love the pictures of you and's best friend! Glad you had Mike on board...he is the Nordstrom of campers! love you both XOXOXOX

  3. p.s. I LOVE your blogs....(Lisa's too)